Hi I am Isaria, so glad you have stopped by!

Welcome to Stellar Connections – a sacred space offering healing, exploration, and transformation.

This is where you can connect more deeply with your divine essence, illuminating your unique authentic purpose.

If you are feeling a sense that this is ‘your time’ to unlock your unique gifts and live in a more fulfilled and expansive way, you are in the right place.

Come in and explore how you can work with me to embrace your inner calling, let go of limitations, and fear, and truly shine brightly as your unique self.

Let’s be honest some days it is hard to be human. To hear our heart and  Soul’s calling can feel impossible in the busyness of everyday life.

Yet, when we follow this calling it connects us with our deepest desires, passions and the innate ability share our unique gifts in the world.

No matter how much we have meditated, tuned in or asked for guidance sometimes it can feel as if the answers we seek are elusive. Nothing seems to work! This leaves us feeling stuck, confused, lacking motivation and even without purpose.


I have a unique approach in my healing work. It is a deeply healing and alchemical process that will support you in your personal and spiritual growth. I create a space for you to take a breath, a pause, time to acknowledge and reconnect with the inner calling that resonates deeply within you. The unique you is seen, heard and acknowledged!

As a spiritual channel, I directly tap into the wisdom of many Councils of Light.

These Councils exist beyond the boundary of our ordinary perception offering us an awareness of our highest capabilities and provide practical, tangible guidance for our everyday lives.

Combined with my intuitive gifts and knowledge of healing and metaphysics I can identify the core beliefs that limit you from recognising and expressing the authentic essence that makes you who you are!

I passionately believe that we can all use a little help from our friends in other realms and dimensions as my life and those of many others have been truly blessed by the love, wisdom and healing offered by the Councils.

My heartfelt intention is to serve as a pure conduit for a greater perspective of what is possible, empowering others to discover their innate ability to tap into higher realms of consciousness and divine guidance.

This is an invitation to uncover and release any blocks that hinder you from living a more empowered and creative life!

My session with Isaria and her Guides was exactly what I was hoping for and more. I felt very safe to ask about an issue that has been plaguing me for years and have been yearing to get an answer for. It was effortless and the generosity of the clear resonse was exciting and nourishing.

I felt validated and very much at home. Her great ability to express her Guides clearly and effectively to reach the depth of my Soul was so inspiring and nurturing.

I felt seen, loved and met. I will be recommending to any of my friends who are seeking spiritual guidance and confirmation with life decisions.

I am feeling very blessed by this experience.  Susan Walstab – (Melbourne, Australia)

Isaria is a loving, gifted intuitive and channeler. The energy that she is able to bring in is palpable, and the dialogue is easy to understand and conversational. If you need clarity about something, I am sure you will gain insight on it! Plus, you get an audio recording of the session which is hugely helpful to review so you can focus on just being present in the moment, a huge bonus!

Lindalee Davis – Transformational life/business guide – The Alignment Accelerator

,Such an amazing experience! I just want to thank, you thank, you thank you! I am so inspired by the words the Sirius Council shared with me. I appreciate the insights so much.

It was playful, it was fun, and the feeling that I had when I walked away, was this…I felt so embraced by you Isaria, by the energy of  the Guides and by the information that you all shared. I highly recommend you.

This was a life changing experience in lots of great ways! It was simple, it was direct, it was clear. And more than anything it was super meaningful! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Julie Greenberg USA

Thank you so much for the session yesterday. I got so much from it.  In fact I’ll have to listen to it again to take it all in. I also plan to transcribe it.  I loved the immediate answers to my questions, with the wisdom and the depth that I needed.  The answers were more comprehensive than I expected. 

These beings were very thorough, and they were mindful too in the way they phrased things … I didn’t feel judged.  I felt a gentle kindness underlying everything.  There are also layers to the answers they gave I realise.  And as I understand something more or move further along my path, in time there’ll be more for me to ‘get’. 

I appreciated the tuning in you did before the channelling and the information you provided.  It was spot on.  I can highly recommend Isaria and her channelled beings to anyone who wants clarity, confirmation, higher wisdom and more understanding.  We all need a little help along the way in this life.  This session provided it for me. 

I’m looking forward already to the next time I might need some divine guidance.  Thank you again, Debbie B

I channel the Sirius Council of Light they speak of being in the Divine flow and mystery of life. They help us to see that even though we want to know the outcome before we make a move in life the more expansionary way of being is allowing the flow the Divine flow to support us. It then becomes fun to be in the ‘mystery’ of life.

This is our advantage. We can see that no fear is too great, to not be willing, to let it go. We abide by no rules save only the Rule of extending Love.

Know that we, as all inter-dimensional beings, are truly in respect of your situation on this planet at this time. Our help is on offer without restriction. We speak from the ‘other side of the fence’– beyond what it is you know in your world

Our desire is to nurture you on a journey of Self-discovery one in which the richness lies within. This will lead you to the remembrance of yourselves as pure Spirit energy and with that missing piece you can then embark on a life that is grand beyond measure.  ( Elohim ♥ )



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