Divine Transmissions with Isaria & the Councils of Light

Stellar Connections is a Sacred Space for you to relax into and receive.

A sanctuary for sensitive beings who are on their unique spiritual journey.

Hi, I am Isaria. So glad you have stopped by!

My mission and purpose in creating this portal is to support fellow Sensitive Beings, Spiritual Seekers, Healers and Wayshowers to rediscover and reconnect with greater levels of self-empowerment and creative power.

Are you ready to leave behind confusion, pain, judgment, doubt and feelings of ‘being out of place’ in this world? Are you ready to embrace, you in all of your unique ways? Are you feeling an inner Soul calling that desires full expression – a knowing that you are here to fulfil a purpose and share this with the world? 

Whether you know exactly what that is or are still in the revealing of it, you will find through the many offerings here… inspiration, healing, wisdom and guidance to support you in clearing limiting beliefs that have prevented you from living more congruently and in greater vibrational alignment with your Soul’s purpose.

It is my heartfelt intention to save you time by ‘joining the dots’ that will illuminate a clear pathway forward and an expanded vision for living your Soul’s purpose. I trust that you find something here that speaks to your heart ♥

Now is the time for you to shine your Light!

Trust that your natural state is one of connection and being in the Divine flow 

(Sirius Beings of Light)



I am a clear and concise Channel for several Councils of Light who I affectionately call my ‘Stellar Team of Guides’. They include the Elohim (an angelic frequency); ‘Ishtaria’ (A Light being); the Sirius’ and ‘Arcturan’ Councils and the Council of 9’ 

Whilst each offers a unique perspective and message their common intention is to be of service to humanity, to support us in shifting our vibration, discovering a deeper connection with Soul, through which we are more able to live from a place of peaceful empowerment and creativity.

Directly through me these Councils of Light share their love, wisdom and healing frequencies. Their guidance will support you to get more deeply in touch with your inner guidance, your Spiritual Guides and ways to answer and express your inner calling…

  Online Group Mentoring Circle

5th May 2022 @ 7.30-9.30pm (AEST)

If you are ready to heal, release what no longer serves you, raise your frequency, and connect deeply with your inner guidance and Spiritual Guides…This is your invitation to connect with a heart-aligned, safe, intimate circle with a shared desire for healing and spiritual growth

You have come to experience yourselves at a truly abundant frequency in this realm.

You have come to break free of the limitations that you have placed upon yourself.

( Ishtaria – A Sirius Being of Light )

How to Work with me & The Galactic Councils of Light

Council of Light Channeling

Council of Light Channeling

Unique, transformational & deeply healing sessions

Soul Alchemy Mentoring

Soul Alchemy Mentoring

For Healers, Creatives & Wayshowers

 Online Gatherings

Online Gatherings

Sacred Space for Healing & Insipration

It is we the Elohim we are so, so pleased to be here. We are Beings of Light. We are beings who simply want to share our experience of expansion. We are beings who give voice to that expansion to help you as human beings who are living, in what appears to be a separate reality. We want to give voice to that knowing, that experience within each and every one of you, that it is simply about tapping into the Divine realm….

Isaria is a loving, gifted intuitive and channeler. The energy that she is able to bring in is palpable, and the dialogue is easy to understand and conversational. If you need clarity about something, I am sure you will gain insight on it! Plus, you get an audio recording of the session which is hugely helpful to review so you can focus on just being present in the moment, a huge bonus!

Lindalee Davis – Transformational life/business guide – The Alignment Accelerator

We wish to bring to the table a deeper, richer experience of the truth that each human upon this planet has a mission.


And, no, it is not to save the world, it is without a doubt, to experience themselves in the fullness of their truth.


It is now time to have your focus be on the inner world, to be in the inner world while you are experiencing the outer world.

This will be a unique journey for everyone. – Sirius Beings of Light