This year will be like no other, a year that will garner a great deal of strength within individuals. For the power that is needed to process this world experience needs to be drawn from within the individual through the very idea of being connected with Source energy. Now how this connection is made is individual and unique to each individual yet it is that it must be made manifest within this world of form.

No being can escape its unfolding, its requirement to live in a world that not only requires this but also needs it!  And what we mean by that is; it is truly needed on a much larger scale for it is that humanity has allowed this to lay dormant in a sense while you all frolicked and played within a minefield of separation.

And yet now is the time for this to end. The idea of separation needs to become obsolete, no longer necessary and of course the pinnacle of this is the idea that you as human beings are separate from your source. Separation from your source leads only to a separation from all that Source can offer in a myriad of ways. And this way of being cannot lead you to becoming beings that can regenerate your world with connection, love, abundance and a truly expanded experience.

So, it is quite simple really! Mend and heal the illusion that you are separate and this in and off itself will reveal all manner of joyous thoughts, inspirations and connections that lead to expansion. Cutting oneself off from the Divine flow only offers a limited experience.

To pull oneself out of a slumber of forgetfulness, of believing in separation, of believing in disempowerment being your inherent way of being takes commitment and requires intention of purpose. See you and anyone who chooses this has little in the way of knowing what this would look like, yet wondrous it is. You have to trust yourself and trust that your natural state is one of connection and being in the Divine flow.

( Sirius Beings of Light )