There is a bridge, in a sense, that humanity is being called to walk across. You are being called to walk through the vessel of your heart and leave all of the ideas behind that keep you from that experience.

You are being called, despite any fear, despite any inability to see what the future holds for you, to stay true and know that it is only through the connection of the heart that you will reach a place of peace with this. That you will reach a place where you have grown beyond the base that is of fear and insecurity.

And, when it is that you have reached that place you will see that your small ideas of what was going on held you back. You will simply see the situation for what it is and you will not be attached in any way.

Because the outcome for you, the being who walks across this bridge into the totality of your heart, you will have a vastly different outcome to anyone who wants to remain in the fear based structure and cling onto old ways of being.     Arcturans