We will endeavour to offer you guidance on the ever-shifting landscape of your greater world. For it is, that it is shifting like sand at the waters-edge when the tide is coming into shore. For when the waves come into the shore it is not a knowing of how that will look, it is only the knowing that it is inevitable that another wave will hit the shore and then leave another frequency disturbance in its wake.

So, let us say that it is inevitable more will come and change the landscape once again. It is simply not a time to sit back and say well now we have reached a new normal and we can set this as our new benchmark of reality. No! For if you think about it, it is inevitable that tides come and go, so this will one day pass.

Yet you ask of this present moment. It is now the time to cling to Soul, your power from within that is sourced from God, as if this is your one and true lifeline — for it is! We are not saying this in any way for it to be perceived as a way to scare you into action. No. We are simply highlighting the fact that your source and stream of guidance will lead the way.

For it is that you simply cannot rely on your heads of authority to offer guidance that is Soul inspired. For in a way that is not their job. Their job is to say in practical terms the parameters that are in place to extinguish the spread of a contagion that is most virulent and contagious. It needs to be stopped in its tracks, in its speed of spread. The fuel of its embers needs to be extinguished and for this to happen you simply need to get out of its way. You need to adjust your vibration so that you are not resonating with its frequency and all practical measures will help with this.

For it is a time and this is so crucial that a wave of co-operation, a wave of cohesion be spread throughout the world. For a united front to be the inspiration and template for this to occur. Do you have to understand about vibration and frequency? No. One has to simply desire a level of cohesive connection and yet ones like you who work with frequency and vibration and understand its merits it is vitally important for you to focus on seeing a great wellspring of love in terms of connectedness and openness.

It is not the time to fear its invasion in the world. It is simply a time to see that its gift is one of connectedness and unity. For is it not that you will suffer greatly from enforced disconnection? What will this offer beyond the physical confines? It will offer a desire to reconnect and to reconnect at a deeper more focussed level. For is it not that no-one in this world can say that they will not be touched by this state of affairs?

Is not better that a virus connects rather than the complete and utter destruction that war can achieve? It is that you can perceive this as a war. And in comparison, yes you are at war with its spread and for this you must ignite your spirit of connection.  Many will suffer simply from the fact that they are already disadvantaged and for many others the realisation that others are so deeply unfortunate will be the first taste of this knowing for them. For many it will spread a level of kindness hat has simply not been apparent for them before this occurrence.

We cannot say to you that it is sweeping the globe to rid you of this or that or it is here to wake you up for this would be too glib. Yet what we can say is that it is here with inevitabilities within its frequency and for each and every being that walks upon this planet you are being presented with choices. Do I run and hide in fear? Or do I simply and lovingly connect more deeply with my ability to express love?

Be love and sow love in this world for what else is there to do. We understand that you feel that there is a choice and yet we ask; ‘is there really a choice between love or fear?’

The answer lies within each and every one of you. And know that this tempest, this experience of a virus sweeping your world is offering you a moment in time when you can contemplate your choices. For it is inevitable that when you choose love it is never just for yourself it is always inclusive. Fear sets out to destroy its inclusivity.

We know that many and many more than you can imagine at times will choose love over fear. So, do not fear. Simply render yourself incapable of choosing fear.

We as many Beings of Light, Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings are by your side. For we all, as in the All, are in this together. With loving embrace, Elohim