Human experience in this moment is one of great contrasts. You have upon your planet a daily drama of hate, pain, war and decidedly unloving actions. Each one of you faces a challenge within this. Do you align with this or do you align with a greater aspect of yourself?

The higher aspect of humanity can feel hidden from your sight for this does not make grand headlines. This is where trust must come into play. Trust that this is who you are. Trust that the higher aspect of you knows it is being called forth and it will respond.

So many of you are keeping your growth and awareness hidden as you can often feel that you will be attacked for being this way–for seeking a greater pathway. Know that so many are working in the shadows bringing light to this planet and as each one of you offers this to another, a light of recognition is sparked within and no words are needed. There is just a remembrance–a reconnection.

Imagine that this is happening over the entire planet creating a web– a matrix of expansion and then you will see that you are not alone. You are not defeated. Your only job is to recognise and acknowledge that spark within yourself and to remind yourself that you are Divinity with purpose. And your purpose alone is to accommodate that within yourself and truly embody this.

What has been happening is a distortion has been put in place and this has created a feeling that you are alone on this journey and yet that could not be farther from the truth. Remember that this distortion was put in place to keep you separate, to create the illusion of this and see how it plays out in all aspects of your life. An illusion in reality, yet one that feels as if it has great effect!

In reality, no! Your only requirement is to remember you are Divinity in motion. Forever expanding, forever growing and then you can see that any and all false aspects can easily be put aside. We see within you the power to remember who and what you truly are and then you will see the reality that is occurring, the light that is there and then you will see how many others are joining you in this journey. Be bold, be aware of your truth and forever be in the dance of recognition.

All our love and blessings, the heart frequency of Arcturans