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I have been offering Personal Sessions for over 20 years to people from all walks of life. Whether they be spiritual seekers, writers, entrepreneurs, teachers, mums,dads, artists or healers and channels.

Each session offers profound wisdom, guidance and healing specific to your unique needs and life circumstance.

A sacred experience that is uniquely transformative and deeply healing.

A personal Ssession with Isaria and the Councils of Light is a sacred experience

that is uniquely transformative and deeply healing.

You will be offered profound wisdom, guidance and healing specific to your unique

needs and life circumstance.

A Personal Channelled Session is beyond a psychic reading. As channelled energy is multi-dimensional, it conveys frequencies of communication and dimensions of healing beyond the words and information and is much greater than just having your questions answered. Though you may ask questions on any area of your life as nothing is off limits! It is one of the greatest tools for self-transformation creating a perception shift, a vibration shift and a deeper connection with your own inner guidance and Guides. These sessions are literally life changing and perhaps unlike anything you have experienced before!


I have been offering Personal Sessions for over 20 years now and have worked with people from all walks of life. Writers, entrepreneurs, teachers, mums, artists and other healers and channels. You will gain great clarity in a session yet I have found over the years it can often bring up more questions to explore, hence the options below.

All Sessions are Via Zoom and an Mp3 recording is sent to you via email

Personal Channelled Reading


A $150

The channeling session with Isaria was like none I’ve ever experienced!

The insights given felt true and allowed me to change my perspective on the areas of my life I had questions about.

I feel much more aligned with my inner knowing and life path than I did before the session.

The guidance was more than insights, I was provided practical ways to implement the practices and changes in my life.

Norah J – USA

Such an amazing experience! I just want to thank you thank you thank you! I am so inspired by the words the Sirius Council shared with me. I appreciate the insights so much.


It was playful, it was fun, and the feeling that I had when I walked away, was this…I felt so embraced by you Isaria, by the energy of  the Guides and by the information that you all shared. I highly recommend you.


This was a life changing experience in lots of great ways! It was simple, it was direct, it was clear. And more than anything it was super meaningful! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!   Julie Greenberg USA

Isaria is a loving, gifted intuitive and channeler. The energy that she is able to bring in is palpable, and the dialogue is easy to understand and conversational. If you need clarity about something, I am sure you will gain insight on it!

The session was very loving, safe, and interactive! Isaria offered a bit of her intuitive insight about my energy and then explained how she channels different beings, the Arcturans showed up for me. Once she began it was more like a Q & A and they explained things in easy to understand language with examples so there was no misunderstanding. I felt beautiful connection to them.

I love that she records it which is hugely helpful to review so you can focus on just being present in the moment, a huge bonus!

Lindalee Davis Transformational life/business guide The Alignment Accelerator – USA



“It was an insightful and magical experience that revealed practical advice to my questions.” Holly Chadwick New York, USA

This was a chance to relax and let go of figuring things out, while Isaria channelled information and guidance from a wise, connected source. Her ‘Team’.

My session helped me to rediscover a capability to connect with my higher self – one that I hadn’t be accessing. One simple ‘tool’ that was suggested helped me to move through the following week with far greater ease.

The energy around a block I was expecting to encounter dissipated and I was able to handle the situation with far greater ease than I would have imagined.

It also gave me a reminder of my connectedness with Spirit and a way I can use this to be with the blocks I encounter, rather than struggling with them.

Kamala Murphey (Sacramento-USA)

My session with Isaria and her Guides was exactly what I was hoping for and more. I felt very safe to ask about an issue that has been plaguing me for years and have been yearing to get an answer for.

It was effortless and the generosity of the clear resonse was exciting and nourishing. I felt validated and very much at home. Her great ability to express her Guides clearly and effectively to reach the depth of my Soul was so inspiring and nurturing.

I felt seen, loved and met. I will be recommending to any of my friends who are seeking spiritual guidance and confirmation with life decisions.

I am feeling very blessed by this expereince.

Susan Walstab – (Melbourne, Australia)

Isaria  is very engaging and I felt cared for throughout the whole introduction and setting up for the session. She gave a brief overview of how she works which was helpful and she seemed very invested on me as the client having a meaningful session.

The session I had with her and her guides felt like a gentle cleanse. Her guide was very engaging and had very relevant wisdom to share with me, reminding me who I really was.

I felt lighter after the session, as if my vibration had shifted and my focus became clearer. I felt like I had a cleanse and a realignment of my attention ,with my intention, to keep an open heart, No matter what’s going on.

I would highly recommend Isaria if you are seeking to experience a reflection of yourself, that you might been missing ,as it is in plain sight. Isaria’s dedication to the client having a meaningful experience was palpable and I know anyone who has a session with her will feel cared for and enriched for the experience.

Cherry – (Melbourne, Australia)

Isaria, thank you so much for an amazing session. I am so appreciative of the high calibre of information that you channel and that is shared. I have found clarity to many of my pointed questions. 

It always feels like having a meaningful conversation with some old friend(s) and that leaves me feeling expanded and refocused in new and enlightened way. Thank you for offering your talents! 

Trilby Johnson – The Connective – (New Zealand)

I recently had a private session and absolutely loved the conversation that unfolded with the Sirius Collective who had come forward to connect with me that day.

It really was like having an intimate chat with a close friend who happens to have a broader perspective from the top of the mountain and reporting back to me the view while I am making my way up there. It confirmed what I already felt inside and gave me the opportunity to create more clarity as my questions were answered with very practical suggestions. 

Not long after our session I was in a situation were I had to make a choice about where I would move. By applying their suggestions to let every choice be informed by supporting my current soul urge to be in an environment that nurtures a deeper connection with my Self rather than basing decisions on practical matters.

Everything just flowed with such ease and grace!  Thank you Isaria for being a channel for such loving support. 

Tina van Leuven –Business Coach, international bestseller author, Joy Oracle at – Perth Aus

I have had three readings with Isaria in the past twelve months.The first reading was deeply moving and helped me understand my power as a Light Worker and my mission on a level that others could not explain.

I came to understand how important working with the etheric and crystals is for me. I also received activations from another life.  

My second reading was deeply healing. I was going through a break up and the Guides explained so much to me about the emotional patterns I had running in relation to love.

This was deeply healing and brought peace to my heart. My third reading gifted me the well known lesson of ‘your answers are only as good as your questions.’ I came to understand much on the inner–until we understand on the inside no outside words can explain. This was something that for years no one could explain to me.                                                                              

Ekaterina (Healer,Author, Coach) – St Petersberg, Russia

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