Excerpts from online Group Gatherings

Group Gatherings are an opportunity to receive the expanded, universal perspectives from the Councils of Light on our vast potential for healing, self-empowerment and transformation in these fast changing times. 


The Sirius and Arcturan Councils generally speak through me during group gatherings. They see us in the light of our full potential and offer a far greater perspective of our true selves than our ordinary mind can conceive of. Their wisdom, guidance and healing frequencies connect us with a deeper, greater part of ourselves. Whilst each offers a unique perspective and message by way of spoken wisdom their common intention is to be of service to humanity guiding us to reconnect with our in-dwelling vast potential. This activates us to access an expanded aspect of ourselves that is already in existence which is why connecting with the Guides can and does feel so familiar.

December 2021

“It is we the Sirius Beings of Light. We are thrilled to be in your presence. You are here to explore the light. You are here to extend the light. To receive it first and foremost for yourself. For you are the receiver of the light. You are here as beacons of light…”

August 2020

“Yes, it is we the Sirius Beings of Light and we are most excited. We are thrilled, in fact to be here. We are so, over the moon to have a conversation to further advance the human collective because as we speak to each and every one of you, and each and every one of you have a shift within your perception, we have advanced the collective. And so, it is with each and every one of you, that if you can see that your growth your expansion expands the collective, it expands you into a new frequency experience. So, we will cover many things and we can hear many of your questions and we will attempt to weave everything in….”

August 2020

“It is that you must search beyond the known reality, search beyond what you think is set in stone. It is time to really explore and connect more deeply with yourself. In truth, it is that the power that is inherent within each one of you is waiting to be tapped into and to be released in this moment in time.” 

May 2020

“We are most happy to be here. We are speaking to masters of the human experience. We are here in great gratitude for not only the ability to be able to converse with you but we are so grateful for open hearts that are willing to explore beyond what perhaps is considered normal. Because each one of you here would consider this to be simply a heartfelt experience and that is our intention. We are here simply in a heart frequency to share with you, to open you minds to the greatness of who you are.”

April 2020

“It was as if humanity became so off kilter from that centre point that something had to bring you back to that centre point. And where does that centre point start? It starts within your being. Nowhere else because there is nowhere else. It is you, it is within you. Because as you find those anchors, that are anchored within the world are taken from, you in a sense, because you are not able to escape to them or be in contact with them, then only place that you are going to find that centre point is within your being.”

November 2019

Ishtaria in her full gregarious, outspoken and loving manner on embracing ourselves as Soul centred beings…