It is we the Sirius Beings of Light and we are most pleased to be here to give you some wisdom, some context for this year. You are now into a new calendar year that in your terms you call 2018. Now every year has its own frequency, every year has its own unique vibration and its own unique potentiality.


The potentiality, of every moment, is the potential for growth and awareness of self. If you look at it from that perspective, from the realm of what is this year offering me, in terms of my growth and awareness, my connection to the deeper part of myself, the healed part of myself, you will start to be able to define it in a different way that is most helpful. For if you start to define it, in a sense, of what is it that- ‘I have to do- what is it that I have to achieve in this year’ you can get lost in a myriad of different aspects, in a myriad of different opportunities. So, what is underlying this year is, that the sense that you always have the ability to move through what is there and this particular year is offering a profound shift in your perspective of the whole–the All, to the greater cosmos.


Because as you become citizens of the universe, as you become aware of your part in the All, you have to become able to define ‘who’ you are in that–to really come to know yourself at a deeper and deeper level. So this year is offering you an opportunity to explore your expansion in terms of what you are offering the All. Now how you start that–how you come to that realisation and how you can progress in that is to see that what is bubbling up for you, is through a renewed enthusiasm for self empowerment—for the connection that you have with your sense of empowerment and for the connection that you have with your true and real and higher self.

That is not a burden it is a great opportunity to explore your self in a much greater context. Because in the past many years and we would say particularly the past five years, many have experienced themselves as questioning what this earthly life is offering you and have been very caught up in what you often perceive as earthly issues—the earthly problems that have arisen from simply being and having this experience from your childhood. And, you have still been working through many of those issues but in a very linear way. Now you are coming to a point in your growth in your level of awareness where you do not have to view this in a linear fashion, it doesn’t have to be a linear process.

If you create for yourself a context for it… and we are offering you the word self-empowerment, rather than disempowerment or pick a symbol that suits you. If you create a word on which you place your empowerment you will move through it in a much quicker fashion, because that tends to be the norm in a linear world. You all want to move through it more quickly. As you define each and every aspect of what is coming up for you that can seem to take a lifetime, if not many lifetimes, but if you create an umbrella symbol a more powerful way of shifting the perspective from the lower to the high–you will move through this in a much quicker fashion. You will come to realise that your empowerment rests soley within yourself. It is never dependant on the outside it is never dependant on how others are treating you, how the world is set up or what is supposedly happening to you. And the more and more you connect with that aspect of self you will see the expansion and possibility that is there. Because as more and more individuals become self empowered in this world what you are now seeing out there in the sense of disempowerment, will start to be collected within the self empowerment of all these individuals that are now creating a much wider energy field of empowerment.

So as you look out into the world you will see less and less disempowerment. It will start to dissipate because you will understand that you have the power to change not only yourself, but the world you are inhabiting. It can only come from the self, the inner self and then be affecting the outer world. It cannot come from the outer to affect the inner. That is what saves you time. This is what helps you. it is rocket fuel. it is the fuel to your rocket to experiencing an expanded reality.

So if we can sum this up and offer you some wisdom in this moment in time is to see this year as having the potential for you to reach a level of self empowerment and move into to a greater timeline within your reality—one that you have perhaps not been able to imagine in your conscious awareness. And see that this will move the planet your collective experience into a greater timeline as well into an experience of expansion and connection.

Imagine that when you go to an event and are with some friends, your family or at a party and you feel connected with the people there and yourself and with the flow of the energy, you have a much greater experience. But when you go along to something like that and you feel disconnected from the energy you do not have such an expanded experience. It all feels closed in and you feel trapped in that experience.

That is what we mean by this is the Year of Connection. You will feel in the flow, you will feel in the flow of the greater expansive energy that is available for you on this planet at this time. All of you are doing fantastically well and we say that with such love and appreciation. For all of your growth, is growth for every being, every entire being in the cosmos. So with our love and expression of gratitude we take our leave for this moment in time. ( Sirius Beings of Light )