Group Mentoring Circle

With Isaria & Councils of Light

The First Thursday of each month

Online 7.30-9.30pm (AEST)

The pathway of connecting with our Soul self and our deepest desires for this life is profound and transformational!

A journey that offers us our greatest gifts and expansion yet also presents our greatest challenges. So many of us who are are deeply sensitive feel a calling to live an inspired life . And once you awaken to its magic and possibility there is no turning away from its call.


From my own ‘spiritual journeying’ over the past 30 years, I know how much courage and commitment it takes to follow one’s inner calling, how challenging and painful it feels to boldly and bravely step out in the world.
Yet it is this sense of calling that drives us to stand in our true power, to be the wise woman or man, conscious awakener, healer, intuitive, channel, creative, artist and by many other names. 


We are without a doubt living in extraordinary, fast changing and expansive times that are calling us to be or become ‘something more’. To explore deeper levels of meaning and purpose and find new ways to express our authentic creativity. It is now the time to be and share your ‘uniqueness’ in the world. 


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As we co-create and emerge into a new world consciouness, our old beliefs and ways of living and being are fundamentally changing. Whilst this can certainly feel challenging and unfamiliar on one level— your soul chose your incarnation for this exact moment!

If you are ready to heal, release what no longer serves you, raise your frequency, and connect deeply with your inner guidance and Spiritual Guides…


This is your invitation to connect with a heart-aligned, safe, intimate circle with a shared desire

for healing and spiritual growth

Personal Mentoring

You will recieve support and direct guidance from both Isaria and the Councils of Light

Live Channeling each month

I will channel a teaching/message that is specific to the group

Q & A with the Guides

Q & A session  that will facilitate your healing and expansion

Recording of the Channeling

So that you can listen again over the month to facilitate integration

Prefer personal mentoring?

Read all about my Soul Alchemy Mentoring