Mentoring with Isaria

A deeply healing and alchemical process

You are someone who feels an inner calling to a path of awakening. You have a dep sense that this is ‘your time’ to unlock your unique gifts and live in a more fulfilled and expansive way. Alignment with our path only happens as we let go of the parts of ourselves that keep us limited and fearful of the enormity of our true purpose.

A Personal Channelled Session is an invitation to a sacred space, for you to immerse yourself in a deeply transformational journey, an alchemical process that will give you the tools to express more freely the deepest layers of the unique creative being you truly are!

Wherever you are on your personal journey, Mentoring offers the inspiration, healing, wisdom and guidance to support you to clear self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that are blocking you from your fullest potential, to connect more intimately with your inner guidance, express your authentic self, and call in greater levels of relationship and abundance.

A Mentoring package, is an invitation to a sacred space, for you to immerse yourself in a deeply transformational journey, an alchemical process that will give you the tools to express more freely the deepest layers of the unique creative being you truly are!


Each Mentoring Session offers progressively expanded perspectives, invaluable insights and real tangible guidance.

The overall package comprises: 

♥ Three Channelled Sessions of 1.5hrs each. Spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart (determined by your circumstances)

♥  I will hold the space for you to get the most from this journey through email and energetic support between sessions

♥ You will receive one or more personal mantras, meditations or processes to work on between sessions

♥ An mp3 recording of each session sent via email within 48hrs.

Listening again to the channelled part of the session is an integral part of the process as this gives you even deeper insights and awareness of what the Guides are leading you through and allows for greater integration

♥ A Bonus half hour Session after the three sessions is part of the package 

♥ All sessions are via Zoom world wide

♥ A Mentoring Package is $500 AU

Are you ready to leave behind confusion, pain, judgement, and feeling ‘out of place’ in this world? Are you ready to embrace the greater ‘you’ in your unique way?

It is my heartfelt intention to save you time by ‘joining the dots’ that illuminate a clear pathway forward and an expanded vision for shining your Light and Magic in the world?





Kind Words 

I  have just completed 3 mentoring sessions with Isaria and her team of beautiful Light Beings… the whole experience was so wonderful, valuable and life changing. From the first week I noticed many issues presenting which were cleared, lots of synchronicities and shifts.

I found everything the Light Beings discussed resonated with me and was so spot on and helpful, it enabled me to see things in a much clearer, simpler way.

I have found that I now have a deeper connection with myself, my work and in all areas of my life and this has continued on.

Doing the mentoring sessions has helped me immensely and Isaria is such a beautiful, gifted channel. I felt at ease and the whole experience has been so joyful, helpful, fun and continues to serve me daily.

( Karen – Melbourne Australia )

I have had three readings with Isaria in the past twelve months.The first reading was deeply moving and helped me understand my power as a Light Worker and my mission on a level that others could not explain.

I came to understand how important working with the etheric and crystals is for me. I also received activations from another life.

My second reading was deeply healing. I was going through a break up and the Guides explained so much to me about the emotional patterns I had running in relation to love.

This was deeply healing and brought peace to my heart. My third reading gifted me the well known lesson of ‘your answers are only as good as your questions.’ I came to understand much on the inner–until we understand on the inside no outside words can explain. This was something that for years no one could explain to me.

Ekaterina (Healer,Author,Coach) – St Petersberg, Russia

Your mentoring has been a deeply developing and supportive process for me. I have felt an internal shift in letting go of the old version of me.

I know it is a process and will take some time to fully integrate the new version. Your program was fundamental to helping me see, understand and experience it ( and much more! ) during this time and into the future.

I wanted to thank you again for channelling my sessions and of course many thanks to the Sirius Collective.

Isaria all your guidance, support and especially reassurance during this process was much needed and most helpful. I also love and use the personal meditation, which is such a wonderful, precious gift that keeps giving.  (Joanna, Sydney, Australia)