Light Activation Sessions

With Isaria & Councils of Light

Fantastic,other worldly, surreal, brilliant- mind blowing, incredible divine messages, thank you!

Has given me many incredible new perspectives to look at “everything” from. Theodore

A Group Light Activation Session with Isaria and the Councils of Light.

Each session will offer deep isights into the human experience and support your unique path of healing,

self-awareness and embodiment of Soul purpose.

December Date:

Thursday 9th December @7.30-9pm (AEST) 

December Topic:

Release the energies of 2021 and Re-envision and Align with the New energies and

possibilites for 2022




The deepest truth of who we are is alive within us and calling us to awaken, expand and

connect more deeply with it.


We are all being called to remember, heal and realign with our deepest truth so that we can

together navigate a new path of abundant harmony as soul centred beings.

When like-minded people gather in shared intent something magical happens.


It is my joy to bring through the love, wisdom and healing frequencies of my ‘Stellar Team of Guides’ as they share their expanded perspective, guidance and healing frequencies on the potential in these fast changing times. So that despite what is going on in the world we are able to live a life of greater peace, joy and abundance.


What to expect in a Live Zoom call …

♦ A deeply activating channelling session (60 – 75mins) that will offer a greater awareness of our highest potential for healing, self-empowerment and transformation

♦  Powerful Healing Activations offering a multi-dimensional experience that will shift your vibration to receive higher frequencies within your being

♦ Grounded, tangible and practical guidance that will support you to rediscover and  reconnect with a vision for living a life filled with greater peace, abundance, health, wellbeing and more connected relationships

♦ The Guides expanded perspectives on how we can navigate challenges, shift limiting beliefs with practical guidance on ways to create positive change and live a life of peaceful empowerment

♦ All participants will receive a recording of the channelling via email as an MP3

Results are endless and the healing can continue within you long after the session


Many have said they recieve insights and an expanded awareness of their destiny as a Soul centred being

The recording below is from my last free online Group Gathering I channelled the Sirius Beings of Light and I am sure you will find it inspiring, uplifting and most enlightening. 

Thanks for the transcript and recording of the group gathering. As soon as you started channelling I had goosebumps running through me and don’t consciously remember anything until the end. It feels that everything I needed just went directly into my subconscious mind in a theta brainwave state.
In a remote healing session today I felt my aura expanding exponentially, just like it did when I was giving the full moon meditation in Bali in 2012. In fact it felt like I was blowing it up with channelled Divine Love from the inside, like blowing up a massive soap bubble with a flexible membrane. I also did another in-person healing today and used the same technique. It feels absolutely amazing and the client’s aura also expands exponentially.
Don’t know what happened last night, but it feels like there was a big shift in me. Love and Gratitude, Michelle Mayur

Master Energy Healer – #1 Bestselling Author ( #1 Bestseller: Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose

Know that we, as all inter-dimensional beings, are truly in respect of your situation on this planet at this time. Our help is on offer without restriction. We speak from the ‘other side of the fence’ beyond what it is you know in your world.

This is our advantage. We can see that no fear is too great, to not be willing, to let it go. We abide by no rules save only the Rule of extending Love. Our desire is to nurture you on a journey of Self-discovery one in which the richness lies within.

This will lead you to the remembrance of yourselves as pure Spirit energy and with that missing piece you can then embark on a life that is grand beyond measure.  ( Elohim ♥ )

I invite you into this sacred space of exploration. Exploring what that means for you as an individual in this collective experience. I invite you to look into your heart and feel if this is calling you. I welcome you and we will have a wonderful evening together with all the Beings of Light who are here to support our growth and expansion. ♥

As a spiritual Channel for many Councils of Light they speak through me to offer humanity a greater perspective of who we are in truth. This wider loving perspective offered by these frequencies of Light offers a road map to a more expanded and fulfilled experience of this life. ♥

The truth is, when you awaken to your Soul aspect and deeper levels of your being you will express who you are more fully in the world – Sirius Beings of Light

Such an inspiring and intriguing session that provided profound ideas and opened up new questions to reflect on. Rachael

Absolutely fantastic night and a wonderful opportunity to interact with other dimensions and other beings. Sue 

Fantastic,other worldly, surreal, brilliant- mind blowing, incredible divine messages, thank you!

Has given me many incredible new perspectives to look at “everything” from. Theodore

Loved it! Re-inforced that there is so much more and that we have more to develop on our own journey. Looking forward to more.   Lolita

Absolutely mind blowing for me. I leave the room with lots to digest and understand, with a thirst for more.   Audrey

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Excerpts of Group Gatherings

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You have come to experience yourselves at a truly abundant frequency in this realm. You have come to break free of the limitations that you have placed upon yourself.    Ishtaria – A Sirius Being of Light 

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We are never absolutely alone! Without exception, each one of us has an unseen ‘Team of Guides’. Indeed, we come into incarnation on this planet with our own unique personal support team.

The art of ‘Channelling’ has been around since time began. It is not a mysterious gift only bestowed upon a few. It is something we are all wired up to do naturally. And it is a skill that we can learn to do more consciously. We all have the ability to channel and to open our awareness to other frequencies

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