New Course  21st September 

Live 6 Week Online Mentoring Courses 


Live Online Six Week Mentoring Courses


Level 1 – Open to Channel  – Next Course September 2021


Level 2 – Deepening Your Connection – Next Course TBA

( Prerequisite is completion of Level 1 )

I invite you to immerse yourself in this profound transformational journey. This is an invitation, a sacred space, to receive support as you open to channel and connect with deeper levels of inner guidance that will expand and enrich your life experience.

 My promise to you is that you will have real, tangible results in your relationship with Self, which will permeate every aspect of your life leading to personal growth on a whole new level.


Now is the perfect time to learn to consciously connect with your unique inner guidance system – your unique way of opening to channel higher frequencies of knowledge that will allow you to access higher levels of consciousness and wisdom!

The extraordinary times that we are living in are powerfully ‘pushing’ each one of us to go deeper into the truth of who we truly are.  These fast changing and expansive times are calling us to be or become ‘something’ more than we perceive, to explore deeper levels of meaning and purpose and discover new ways to express our authentic creativity.

I believe we have many friends in this fascinating Cosmos that we are all part of and if we open to the possibility and take time to play with the countless Beings in diverse forms of existence, we can begin to see beyond our eyes, beyond the linear limitations of what we perceive as our ordinary worldly existence.

We are never absolutely alone! Without exception, each one of us has an unseen ‘Team of Guides’. Indeed, we come into incarnation on this planet with our own unique personal support team.

The art of ‘Channelling’ has been around since time began. It is not a mysterious gift only bestowed upon a few. It is something we are all wired up to do naturally. And it is a skill that we can learn to do more consciously. We all have the ability to channel and to open our awareness to other frequencies

Do I have to enrol in both courses?

Level 1 ‘Open to Channel’ is a level of the channelling journey and is complete within itself. Level 2 ‘Deepening Your Connection’ is as the title suggests a deeeping of your connection with your inner guidance, Guides and further exploration of your unique way of channelling.

Why Channel?

If you have ever desired to deepen your connection to Source, your inner guidance, guides, soul alignment, partners, work colleagues, spouse, children and the natural world then learning to open your channel will lead you to a much richer experience of interconnectedness.

You will learn that the multi-universe in which we exist, has countless frequencies of life. As you expand your range of communication with the Universe, you will realize you are no longer just tuned into a small range of ‘stations’ instead you will see that there is so much more on offer.

Opening to channel helps you understand and connect more deeply with your Soul’s purpose. This will reveal your Soul talents and the greater Soul purpose that desires to be expressed through you as an inseparable aspect of the Divine.

Who are these courses for?

Would you like to expand your understanding of your inner guidance system? Have you ever had a thought that you would love to channel? Are you already feeling energies around you that wish to communicate with you? Do you channel now and wish to deepen your conscious connection with higher dimensional beings? Or do you have a wish to channel in a wider way that will expand your healing practice?

Whether you are new to working with your inner guidance and channelling or want to deepen your already awareness of it this powerful, informative and transformational Mentoring Course will support and mentor you to awaken to and unlock deeper levels of connectedness, self-awareness, inner peace and self-empowerment.

Still not sure if they are for you? Contact me  

What makes these courses unique?

In my own unique way, I have been learning about, working with and expanding my inner guidance and channelling abilities for more than three decades and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I have vast experience in facilitating and guiding people on their unique journey of personal transformation in both one on one and groups.

Through my desire to connect with my Soul path and purpose I began to consciously communicate with my Guides in early 2000. A life changing and truly transformative experience for me. A soul calling that could not be denied… thus the start of my journey of publically channelling.

What is the structure of the courses?

All Six Sessions will be 2 hours and live Online via Zoom. The course is structured so that we have 3 consecutive weeks then a week’s break for catch up and integration then another 3 consecutive weeks. We are together for 7 weeks in total.

Each session will have a unique theme and be a combination of my teaching, Channelling directly from my Guides, interaction with each other and plenty of time for questions and answers either with myself or the Guides. 

And most importantly exploring and expanding your unique channelling style and abilities!

Numbers are limited so as to enhance the personal experience.

Will there be homework or exercises between classes?

You will be send via email a recording of the channelled pert of the class whether it is a process, meditation and or channelling so that you can listen again during the week. Suggestions are defintely offered by the Guides and myself for you to get the most of our time together.

What is the cost for each course?

Each Course has the same pricing. There are 2 options.

#1 – Six Week Mentoring Course + A Personal Channelled Reading  – $330 

#2 – Six Week Mentoring Course  – $250

Note: The Personal Channelled Reading is usually $135 but I have  included it in the course price for $80

The reading can be taken up to 3 months after the course completion. 

Open to Channel is a wonderful course to learn more deeply and honestly about yourself! If you are not the type of person that likes honesty, you need to take a step back indeed to realise that part of this Open to Channel Course has a far deeper meaning.

I believe I am an honest person, but learnt more about honesty within myself during this course. One needs to arrive in this course with an exceptionally open mind and an open heart.  Most of all, to have no expectations.

Know thyself is often words that are shared amongst many workshops, meditations and yoga studios. This course gave me another perspective on myself, and I am learning from this every day, learning more about myself.  The quality is about being present with Self! Kindness and love. Lorraine 


I felt tremendous peace, love and support surrounding me each day whilst partaking in this course. The idea is to take time each day to practice and be with yourself. This I did not achieve as much as what I would have liked to, time permitting.

If you are considering taking this course, consider that you really need to put time aside. It is a commitment requirement! The course gives to you and to each person that is on the course with you a strength that grows slowly. You become a part of the group’s energies and whilst you may not be in physical presence with each person, there seems to be a deeper connection than what you would believe possible through Zoom.

I enjoyed this course and recommend it to anyone who wants to discover something new and exciting about themselves. It may not be what you think, or what you want to hear, but that’s what it is all about. There is a key in this course that unlocks more than what I ever expected! Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending on hanging on!  Lorraine

I am so pleased to recommend Carole’s course. I have done channelling workshops before, but nothing like this. Each week Carole and her guides introduced a new focus and perspective, which seemed to continue to download into me and shape my field in the subsequent days.


Almost without effort on my behalf, my channelling became clearer, my flow steadier, and to my great relief, my confidence strengthened. I felt easier about it all. It seemed that every part of the course fell into perfect timing and alignment, and I feel changed by it, in the most peaceful way. It was a wonderful experience for which I feel most grateful. Thank you! Aisling


I am so pleased I followed my intuition to be a part of the ‘Open to Channel’ course. Carole and her Guides took us on a journey of discovery, remembrance and expansion. I now feel more confident with my channelling and my knowledge and understanding of the topic has increased greatly. I feel so very grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow and I look forward to the next steps in my channelling journey.    Sue

I am so grateful you offered such a fantastic course Carole.  Open to Channel exceeded my expectations.  I was amazed to find myself experiencing energetic shifts and changes not only as I listened to your guides but also while listening to everyone else in the group.  It was purely transformational and I thank the universe for guiding me to you and your amazing course!    Beth 

My mission and purpose as a Channel and Mentor is to support fellow Spiritual Seekers and Healers to rediscover and reconnect with greater levels of self-empowerment and creative power. To save you much time in ‘joining the dots’ and illuminating a clear pathway forward in terms of an expanded vision for living your Soul’s purpose.

Through the many years of communicating and offering direct guidance to many around the world through my ‘Team of Galactic Guides’ that include Councils of the Elohim, Sirius and Arcturan Frequencies, the Council of 9 and ‘Ishtaria’ I have no doubt that we are all inherently inter-connected. A fundamental mission and purpose for my work is to give voice to our unbreakable inter-connectedness.

My experience and that of others of the channelling reveals that not only do we all have the ability to connect with other vibrations within the multi-verse, this connection is a vital part of our growth both on a personal and planetary level.

Are you ready to Open to Channel?

The Course + A Personal Channelled Reading  


The Mentoring Course 



Starts Tuesday 21st September 2021

Live Online 7.30PM- 9.30PM

Six Online Classes on each Tuesday of the 21st, 28th September & 5th, 19th & 26th October & 2nd November