Your job is to come to the realisation that poverty is when you feel alone in the Universe–when you deny yourself the sacred right to help.

It is indeed fortunate that you live in this time of great awakening–a time to reap the benefits of all that you have desired. You see from our perspective it is most exciting to witness. That is why many beings from many dimensions come to assist humanity in the remembrance of the existence of other realms.

We would never leave you to your own devices. Do not ever think for one moment in time that you are alone and must go through this all by yourselves. Take the hands of the Beings who offer this to you. For without the knowledge of their existence beyond your realm, you look for solutions only within the known realm and miss all that is on offer beyond.

You see earth is not an outpost to be endured–it is an experience of great benefit in the evolution of the Soul. Do not dance with the idea that you will fail at this, that the earth will not reach its zenith. No, only see that which is available–your awakening.

Do not be discouraged for there are many who offer help along the way. Come to the still point within you that seeks the truth and it will Light the way. It will filter for you all that you do not need. It will not condone or push against what others see fit to pursue on their journey, for its only point of reference will be the awakening of you to this magnificent realm.

Each personal awakening brings Light to the planet and reaches far out into the Universe. Be encouraged by this and embrace the fullness of your being, thus embracing the fullness of the entire Cosmos.

Your Divine Friends, The Elohim.