How is your collective frequency faring through this pandemic? Naturally it feels most relevant to see what is going on in the physical worldly sense as a disaster of epic proportions in terms of loss of life and disruptions to your everyday way of being. This cannot be denied and on one level there is little to say on this, only to say, because of its mammoth toll on human life it can easily be a distraction from other levels of its effects.

This is not to say that it is wise to ignore or push this aside. No. It is most wise to look it square in the face and feel the emotions that it stirs up for you. To really ponder its severity and how it has affected you personally not just on a global scale. For it is then that you place yourself within it, not in a dangerous way but it allows you to see that you and every being on the planet is affected. And as with all things some more than others.


It is calling you to be present for it is not something that can be hurried up. It is taking its time in many ways. Yet all the time it is leading you deeper into yourself. For, where else is there to go? We will say to you that all manner of ideas that can bring about its containment and ways to heal from its effects are already here. They are within access of many minds. It is knowledge that can be picked from the ethers as it has been placed there for access when minds are open to its reality. 


See that within all these occurrences is also the many ways that can counter its effect and abilities to destroy. For it is as you set out to catapult growth and expansion on the planet encoded within this is also the ways and means to regenerate and bring a halt to greater and greater calamity and destruction that is not needed.


We see before you a momentous challenge. For the vast majority of humanity feels liberated from constraints yet this is opposing this and only offering you restriction and limitation. So, it is that you must ask yourself; ‘Why is this so? What is it offering me? If no matter what, there is always an experience of growth and expansion available, then how can I see it within this?’


See liberation without growth and awareness is useless. For it only ever offers more restriction. It is only your false belief that it has freed you that inhibits you seeing this. Yet if your goal and intention is liberation through expanded awareness and Soul connection then the truth is revealed and you are free. This can occur from any circumstance. Do not consider that you are being imprisoned by this. For what is freedom without safety?


Firstly, you must be aware of what is most appropriate and if this is to be apart and separate physically this does not limit your capacity to gain greater awareness and growth from this experience. And what if truly, the whole experience of being conscious and aware of how you go about your everyday existence, in this moment of time, in respect of this virus, is to become more conscious and aware then this is the ‘vehicle’ for its expression.


Yes, we understand the frustration and the urge to be loose and free, yet take the time to understand what it is offering you. By doing this, you not only become present to it, you become deeply aware and can see the path that you must take with it. See, for the whole of humanity there needs to be a far deeper level of awareness placed upon the co-existence of man upon this planet in a co-creative, cohesive, inter-connected way. This is the pathway to greater respect and open- hearted living.


You required that road to open up for you, so do not get caught up in the form that it has taken in this moment. See only your personal desires to have this be for yourself and then see it spread outwardly to all of humanity. It is not your concern whether it is taken up or not. Your only need to focus upon this for yourself. It is wise to bring it back to your centre, a focus within yourself, as when you widen the lens at this moment it can feel overwhelming.


It is not your job to heal the entire world, only to gather momentum within yourself inviting others into that frequency and from there unfold into higher levels of self-awareness and empowerment.  Then you will find the magic formulas awaiting recognition to bring an ever-widening movement of greater cohesion upon the planet. And this will bring the change you seek. For the change is what you seek. Be the Light in your acceptance of this now moment. Be the Light – for you are the Light. With all our love and blessings, your Sirius Friends…