This year will have a focus on bringing to the surface much that has lain dormant within the individual in terms of artistic pursuits, new hobbies and new focus whether on health, wellbeing as well as being much more grounded and fully present in body, mind and emotions.Presence of mind will bring you a greater awareness of your physical, mental and emotional bodies so that you can more easily attune to your higher faculties.
Through this the higher aspect of intellect will be nurtured, the higher aspect of devotion to Self-empowerment by being centred in your truth and being that in the world.
For many, life will take on a much more global experience, whether that is simply awareness of re-connections and new connections with global sisters and brothers and experiences. Fulfilment will come from a much more grounded experience with inspirations to build a better world, to align with a greater purpose for humanity as you move forward in the wake of the pandemic.
Clarity will come to many who otherwise have been shrouded in a lack of awareness and is often the case new awareness is a powerful force. For ones who have walked the spiritual path for many years this year will bring a centring, a new sense of inspiration, even fire in the belly and above all a willingness to transcend both seen and unseen fears and limitations to be the inspiration for others.
Humanity can come to the brink of understanding with a shift into a new perspective that moves this world forward in a dynamic direction in deeper alignment with Divine Will. It is possible! More than so! Yet it requires each individual to recommit to oneself. To commit that you will uncover for yourself your Divinity, your greater purpose and commit to the ever-expanding expression of this in the world.
We love and admire your courage. With all our love, your Arcuturan Brothers and Sisters