Channelled message from the Sirius Beings of Light -December 2021

Much Light is pouring onto the planet in massive waves of energy, pushing the dirt, the dross and limited thinking to be dissolved. Flushing up and out is not always pleasant as for many it will require a deep purge. For each being consciously on the awakening path, it will require deeper levels of direct conscious awareness that you are walking a path of growth, that you are creating a new world. A 'new world' needs to be informed and formed by the great change that has swept the world. Yet...

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Time to get Serious!

This year will be like no other, a year that will garner a great deal of strength within individuals. For the power that is needed to process this world experience needs to be drawn from within the individual through the very idea of being connected with Source energy. Now how this connection is made is individual and unique to each individual yet it is that it must be made manifest within this world of form. No being can escape its unfolding, its requirement to live in a world that not only...

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Welcome to 2021

This year will have a focus on bringing to the surface much that has lain dormant within the individual in terms of artistic pursuits, new hobbies and new focus whether on health, wellbeing as well as being much more grounded and fully present in body, mind and emotions.Presence of mind will bring you a greater awareness of your physical, mental and emotional bodies so that you can more easily attune to your higher faculties. Through this the higher aspect of intellect will be nurtured, the...

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This is a Time of Great Awakening

Your job is to come to the realisation that poverty is when you feel alone in the Universe--when you deny yourself the sacred right to help. It is indeed fortunate that you live in this time of great awakening--a time to reap the benefits of all that you have desired. You see from our perspective it is most exciting to witness. That is why many beings from many dimensions come to assist humanity in the remembrance of the existence of other realms. We would never leave you to your own devices....

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The Golden Opportunity of These Times

It is we the Sirius Beings of Light and we are most delighted to have a moment to share with you. To speak to you of our love and blessings to each and every one of you as you journey through this time. It goes without saying that it is most monumental, a time of great upheaval and yet a time that can deliver to you your greatest growth and renewed awareness of yourselves as Soul centred beings.   This in a sense is what awaits you. It is within the blank canvas that is before you. It is...

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This Pandemic is Calling us to be Present in the Now Moment

How is your collective frequency faring through this pandemic? Naturally it feels most relevant to see what is going on in the physical worldly sense as a disaster of epic proportions in terms of loss of life and disruptions to your everyday way of being. This cannot be denied and on one level there is little to say on this, only to say, because of its mammoth toll on human life it can easily be a distraction from other levels of its effects. This is not to say that it is wise to ignore or...

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