It is now time to cling to Soul

We will endeavour to offer you guidance on the ever-shifting landscape of your greater world. For it is, that it is shifting like sand at the waters-edge when the tide is coming into shore. For when the waves come into the shore it is not a knowing of how that will look, it is only the knowing that it is inevitable that another wave will hit the shore and then leave another frequency disturbance in its wake. So, let us say that it is inevitable more will come and change the landscape once...

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Awaken to Your Magnificent Soul

  Awaken to Your Magnificent Soul “The word ‘conformity’ is ingrained in your being, in your earthly mind right from the start for many of you. Conform this way, conform that way and you search your whole lives to not conform and yet, you seek the conformity of not being seen for the truth of who you are. You hide in the shadows. ‘Who am I to express my Soul? Who am I to express the truth of who I am? Gosh if I shine in the world people may be blinded by my Light, they may hide, curl back and...

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Frequency and Potential of 2018

It is we the Sirius Beings of Light and we are most pleased to be here to give you some wisdom, some context for this year. You are now into a new calendar year that in your terms you call 2018. Now every year has its own frequency, every year has its own unique vibration and its own unique potentiality.   The potentiality, of every moment, is the potential for growth and awareness of self. If you look at it from that perspective, from the realm of what is this year offering me, in terms...

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A New Way of Being- Elohim

  Firstly, the new way is not a dance to become someone other than you are. It is not about becoming--rather it is the integration of the knowing that you are. Time is relevant here. For without time, you fail to see the great strides you have made in your progression forward. And yet, it is also time to acknowledge that time no longer has the hold on you it once did. This frees you up to experience your world without its constraints.Time was necessary. Yet it no longer offers the fixed...

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Arcturan Message June 2017

Human experience in this moment is one of great contrasts. You have upon your planet a daily drama of hate, pain, war and decidedly unloving actions. Each one of you faces a challenge within this. Do you align with this or do you align with a greater aspect of yourself? The higher aspect of humanity can feel hidden from your sight for this does not make grand headlines. This is where trust must come into play. Trust that this is who you are. Trust that the higher aspect of you knows it is...

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The Bridge of the Heart

There is a bridge, in a sense, that humanity is being called to walk across. You are being called to walk through the vessel of your heart and leave all of the ideas behind that keep you from that experience. You are being called, despite any fear, despite any inability to see what the future holds for you, to stay true and know that it is only through the connection of the heart that you will reach a place of peace with this. That you will reach a place where you have grown beyond the base...

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