Citizens of the Universe are We

  We are so grateful to be here this evening to be in your presence. We have so much gratitude for this gathering, for the ones’ who are here, to hear us speak, and feel our presence of love. For as we always remind ones’ who listen to us, we can only express ourselves in a loving manner--there is no other choice for us--it is simply love. Why is that often human beings would see themselves as separate from the whole galaxy, the universe, from the whole? Is it a feeling of unworthiness?...

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The Reconnection to Self

Q: The world seems to be in endless cycles of chaos. Is there something we can clear--something to create positive change? A: You speak of clearing in terms of muck that has to be got rid of, as if there is much wrong and yet it is that a higher perspective and better question would be—‘how may I raise my vibration to be in alignment with the highest possible outcome in terms of growth and evolution?’ So it is from this point that we will proceed… Collectively there is a calling to let go of...

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Multi-Dimensional Nature of the Earth

Q: Could you say anything about the MD nature of the Earth? Particularly the idea that the Earth is hollow and that there are other beings, with other vibrations that actually live within the Earth, that seem to be within what seems to be a dimension of the Earth?       A: Yes, in a sense that is completely correct. And, we will say that if you can imagine, we will say the species, that live within the earth, the core of the Earth, they are one aspect and dimension that the Earth can offer its...

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You are in a field of consciousness that is vastly changing.

There is a lot of heaviness on the planet at this time. A lot of feeling as if the energy is compressed and compressing and pushing down on each individual upon the planet and that can feel as if you are tied. Really held down as if you cannot move and that is not the truth.  It is about really absorbing the energy and being with that however it feels and that can feel as if you are trapped. But really it is your own--and we say this with kindness—it is as if you are trapping yourself in a...

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The Higher Frequency and Resonance of Earth

                     You have been playing around, with the idea, of frequency and resonance. Well it is that you will find that the Earth herself; is beaming out at another, higher frequency. She is still, the same Earth; but it is just a finer, finer frequency. And it is that, all beings upon the planet, now have to align with that frequency–to become ‘frequency specific’ with being here, on this planet. It is as simple as that–it is not hard! We are not asking you to turn yourselves,...

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The 11:11 Phenomenon

We take great pleasure in having another communication for today. There are many of you who have for some time noticed the number 11 cropping up again and again in all sorts of apparently unrelated moments and circumstances. Perhaps this has been looking upon a digital timepiece or instrument and seeing the numbers 11:11. We have long ago planted the seed of remembrance into the 11:11, for this is a call of awakening. As many have been impulsed by the use of digital recognition of the...

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