Personal Channelled Readings

A Catalyst for change, Healing and new levels of self empowerment 



 There are times in life when answers to our challenges are elusive no matter how much we have meditated, tuned in or asked for guidance.

Whether you are new to or familiar with channelling, my Personal Channelled Sessions are uniquely transformational and deeply healing – perhaps unlike anything you have experienced before!

No matter your questions you will be offered crystal clear guidance and healing directly and specifically to your unique life experience. It is my heartfelt intention to save you time by ‘joining the dots’ offering you valuable insights that will illuminate a clear pathway forward to live life in a more fulfilled and expansive way.

Whether you are seeking a deeper understanding and connection with your unique spiritual pathway; the courage and confidence to share your wisdom and gifts with the world or simply looking for answers

You can ask questions on any area of you life: relationships, healing practice, creative pursuits, career, business, health or life  purpose. Nothing is off limits!

Each session begins with my intuitive insights. Then the Guides most appropriate for you and your enquiry will offer their profound wisdom, guidance and healing activations directly. Generally, this will be any one of the Sirius Light Beings, Arcturan Council or Ishtaria (galactic Light Being).


All private Channelled Readings and Spiritual Mentoring sessions are world wide via Zoom video.

All sessions are recorded .An electronic file (mp3 format) is emailed to you, for you to download, within 2 days, so you can listen to it again as often as you like. The guidance you receive is timeless and many say that listening to their recording again, even years later, offers further insights and revelations. The recording is included in the price of the session.

Kind Words 

Thank you so much for the session yesterday.  I got so much from it.  In fact I’ll have to listen to it again to take it all in.  I also plan to transcribe it. 

I loved the immediate answers to my questions, with the wisdom and the depth that I needed.  The answers were more comprehensive than I expected.  These beings were very thorough, and they were mindful too in the way they phrased things … I didn’t feel judged.  I felt a gentle kindness underlying everything.  There are also layers to the answers they gave I realise.  And as I understand something more or move further along my path, in time there’ll be more for me to ‘get’. 

I appreciated the tuning in you did before the channelling and the information you provided.  It was spot on.  I can highly recommend Isaria and her channelled beings to anyone who wants clarity, confirmation, higher wisdom and more understanding.  We all need a little help along the way in this life.  This session provided it for me. 

I’m looking forward already to the next time I might need some divine guidance.  Thank you again, Debbie B

This was a chance to relax and let go of figuring things out, while Isaria channeled information and guidance from a wise, connected source. Her ‘Team’.

My session helped me to rediscover a capability to connect with my higher self – one that I hadn’t be accessing. One simple ‘tool’ that was suggested helped me to move through the following week with far greater ease.

The energy around a block I was expecting to encounter dissipated and I was able to handle the situation with far greater ease than I would have imagined.

It also gave me a reminder of my connectedness with Spirit and a way I can use this to be with the blocks I encounter, rather than struggling with them.

Kamala Murphey (Sacramento-USA)

My session with Isaria and her Guides was exactly what I was hoping for and more. I felt very safe to ask about an issue that has been plaguing me for years and have been yearing to get an answer for.

It was effortless and the generosity of the clear resonse was exciting and nourishing. I felt validated and very much at home. Her great ability to express her Guides clearly and effectively to reach the depth of my Soul was so inspiring and nurturing.

I felt seen, loved and met. I will be recommending to any of my friends who are seeking spiritual guidance and confirmation with life decisions.

I am feeling very blessed by this expereince.

Susan Walstab – (Melbourne, Australia)

Isaria is very engaging and I felt cared for throughout the whole introduction and setting up for the session. She gave a brief overview of how she works which was helpful and she seemed very invested on me as the client having a meaningful session.

The session I had with her and her guides felt like a gentle cleanse. Her guide was very engaging and had very relevant wisdom to share with me, reminding me who I really was.

I felt lighter after the session, as if my vibration had shifted and my focus became clearer. I felt like I had a cleanse and a realignment of my attention ,with my intention, to keep an open heart, No matter what’s going on.

I would highly recommend Isaria. If you are seeking to experience a reflection of yourself, that you might been missing ,as it is in plain sight. Isaria’s dedication to the client having a meaningful experience was palpable and I know anyone who has a session with her will feel cared for and enriched for the experience.

Cherry – (Melbourne, Australia)

I recently had a private session and absolutely loved the conversation that unfolded with the Sirius Collective who had come forward to connect with me that day.

It really was like having an intimate chat with a close friend who happens to have a broader perspective from the top of the mountain and reporting back to me the view while I am making my way up there. It confirmed what I already felt inside and gave me the opportunity to create more clarity as my questions were answered with very practical suggestions. 

Not long after our session I was in a situation were I had to make a choice about where I would move. By applying their suggestions to let every choice be informed by supporting my current soul urge to be in an environment that nurtures a deeper connection with my Self rather than basing decisions on practical matters.

Everything just flowed with such ease and grace!  Thank you Isaria for being a channel for such loving support. 

Tina van Leuven –Business Coach, international bestseller author, Joy Oracle at – Perth Aus

Isaria,thank you so much for an amazing session. I am so appreciative of the high calibre of information that you channel and is shared. I have found clarity to many of my pointed questions.

It always feels like having a meaningful conversation with some old friend(s) and that leaves me feeling expanded refocused in new and enlightened ways. Thank you for offering your talents

 Trilby Johnson – Trilby Johnson Breakthrough Savvy – New Zealand  

It was an insightful and magical experience that revealed practical advice to my questions!

Holly Chadwick New York, USA

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In the twenty or more years of offering this work I have noticed that many experience further questions that simply arise within simply from the process of receiving such profound and specific insight into their lives. A little like peeling the layers of an onion.

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