Firstly, the new way is not a dance to become someone other than you are. It is not about becoming–rather it is the integration of the knowing that you are.

Time is relevant here. For without time, you fail to see the great strides you have made in your progression forward. And yet, it is also time to acknowledge that time no longer has the hold on you it once did. This frees you up to experience your world without its constraints.Time was necessary. Yet it no longer offers the fixed point it once had. This will affect you in many ways for you will no longer feel the need to express yourself in a ‘timely’ fashion. What do we mean by this? Well, it is that in the past you have put in place ‘timelines of consciousness’ that you feel are important and when reached, offer a point in which you can now share yourself.

Think for a minute how many times have you said to yourself: ‘when I am good enough’; ‘when I know more’; ‘when I have my degree’; children; more money; more time…’ And when it is that I have reached this invisible timeline of outcome, I will be able to express myself fully. That time will come you say

And yet it is–that it is here! It is no longer coming for in fact it has been fully compressed into the Now Moment! All that you desire to be in place in some future time, is Now!

This is not something to be taken lightly; but rather to have it be a way of living lightly. You see without time pushing down on you it has lifted its weight and opened up a parallel reality for you to exist in–one in which you can express fully your being without the need to fulfil outcome timelines. Your expression of time has been one in which you have often felt yourself falling short–by running out of time. And yet it is that you have simply chosen not to take up the call of your Soul until you feel that your earthly merits are in place.

To do away with this you will have to succumb to the knowledge that you can whisper your desires to the Universe and have them come back to you. Not as some hard earned right because now that you have enough time/ money/ good looks/ slim thighs and personal worth–but as your Soul’s given right to have this experience. It is all in the adjustment of your mind-set. All in the letting go of the notion that time is here to serve you.

It was simply a barrier–a needed barrier for you to be able to experience yourself in your old way. And yet now it is like a child’s playpen! It is time to pack time away, and explore greater and wider than you have before. Lead yourself into the place of no time, of no separation of yourself from what it is you desire. The gap will become smaller and with this will come a deep realisation of what it is that you truly desire!

Yes, in ‘time’ you may get the bigger house; better job; more money and better relationships. Yet what is it? What is the vibration of your longing that you desire?  For it is that the vibration of this is yours Now! Take it!  Then you will see and know for sure that what it is you still seek is the vibration of love, connection, value, and expression. If you knew all this was yours now, all the ‘things’ you seek in this moment, would feel as if they contain the vibration of your longing. And now that you have this you are no longer without.

We say, go forth with the intention of connecting with your power NOW, not in some magical distant point. Be whom you want to be NOW, live where you want to live NOW, have the abundance you desire NOW and most of all be free NOW! So it is that we have offered you a glimpse into a higher perspective.

With all our love and blessings your Elohim friends